Price list

Single entry

Name of servicePrice [PLN]Note
Swimming pool – regular ticket¹15,00for person / h
Swimming pool – discount ticket (0-16 years old)12,00for person / h
Swimming pool – instructor ticket20,00for person / h
Sauna⁴20,00for person / h
Steam bath⁴20,00for person / h

Renting an exclusive swimming pool²

Days of the weekPrice [PLN]Duration [minutes]
Saturday - Thursday170,0045
Saturday - Thursday230,0060


¹ Instructors, who gives any kind of lessons at swimming pool have to buy instructor’s ticket.
² Maximum amount of persons: 15
³ On Friday, it is possible to rent an exclusive swimming pool from 7:30 to 16:00.
⁴ Pre-booking is required.